1. What is a mentor?
A mentor is an experienced person who goes out of his or her way to help a mentee to reach important life and career goals. An informal mentor is someone who provides coaching, listening, advice, and is a sounding board they react in a casual or unstructured manner. A formal mentor agrees to an ongoing, planned partnership to assist the mentee reach specific goals over a specified period.

2. What does a mentor do for a mentee?
Mentors help in several ways. They give inspiration, advice, and corrective feedback on the mentee’s actions, instruction and assistance on organizational politics as well as on technical topics. They provide introductions to people who can help and opportunities for mentee’s to demonstrate their skills. Perhaps the greatest thing a mentor can do is encourage & convey a sincere belief in a mentee’s ability to succeed.

3. What does the mentor get from the relationship?
It is an opportunity to “give something back” and to pay past mentors for their assistance. Mentors receive recognition from their peers and managers for having an eye for talent and for developing promising people. Mentors also learn new skills and knowledge from their mentees.

4. Can a person have more than one mentor?
Yes, you can and should have mentors for the different phases of life, e.g., career, spiritual, social, intellectual and even physical mentors. Some mentees manage to have multiple mentors at the same time but normally the relationships would be successive, not simultaneous.

5. What does the mentor get from the relationship?
We get our work hats on and run professional development type events, inviting speakers to share their knowledge on a range of topics aimed in our fraternity. Events and seminars like Information Security Audits, Forensic fraud detection or any topic you demand for, if you want it; we'll put it on!

6. I want to Volunteer an event, may I?
Our members have expressed a desire to get involved in projects that benefit the growth and development of their community, so myguru.xyz have decided to coordinate and harness this energy through the establishment of a formalized volunteering portal.

“Mentoring is: Sharing Life's Experiences and God's Faithfulness”

― Janet Thompson